Worth the Scandal

Worth the Scandal

All’s fair in love and business…

Alexander Worth has two great passions—his family business, and his control. Being president and CEO of Worth Luxury Goods allows him to exercise both. No one crosses him.

But then Tessa Crawford crosses his path. She’s professional, shy, voluptuous—and his employee. His legendary control is all that’s holding him back from his desire for her. Risking the business is the one thing he can’t do.

After rising above her disadvantaged childhood, Tessa knows the last thing she should do is risk throwing it all away by falling into bed with her sexy boss. But on an extended European business trip, all self-imposed barriers burn away in the heat of their sizzling chemistry.

That’s not the only fire burning when they return home—whispers of corporate espionage have become a full-blown scandal. Alex’s loyalties lie with his company, and Tessa is left to smolder alone. She’s determined to move on, to get over her fling—

Only she’s carrying a souvenir in her belly.


Sabrina Cooper at RT Book Reviews gives Worth the Scandal 4 1/2 stars!! "The first in Erickson’s Worth It series is wonderful, full of passion and fire. It has a wonderfully written cast of characters, all the drama and romance that readers love and a storyline that, while a little overused, does not fail to entertain." Check out the full review here.

Melinda B. at FAR gives Worth the Scandal five stars and a RECOMMENDED READ! "One word for Worth the Scandal by Karen Erickson is hot. Once again, Karen Erickson has blown my mind with her clever imagination...definitely has a great series, for not only is it about Alex, but Hunter and Rhett, his brothers, certainly sound interesting. The love is right from the beginning for these two and man, once their passions are revealed; beware, for it's hot. Great job."


Tessa froze, shocked at the sensation of Alex’s lips pressed against hers. They were soft, there and gone before they settled upon hers once again. Longer this time, his mouth lingered on hers. His lips parted, and she felt his hot breath mingle with her own before he finally pulled away.

“W—why did you do that?” Her voice shook. She sounded like a complete ninny, but she couldn’t believe it. Alex just kissed her.

“I need you to be calm,” he murmured, his fingers drifting down her cheek before his hand fell away. “I need you to be confident. And more than anything, you need to pretend you’re with me. Just for tonight.”

That wouldn’t be a hardship. But still. She didn’t understand. He could have anyone and yet he chose her? “I don’t know how convincing we’ll be. I mean, you’re my boss. Up until a few days ago I couldn’t bring myself to call you by your first name. And now you want me to pretend that you’re my—boyfriend?”

She could not say the word lover. It was simply too intimate. Not that Alexander Worth could be considered anyone’s boyfriend. That was far too simple a word for such a complex man.

A couple swept by, the older man dashing in his tuxedo, the woman clad in royal blue and with sapphires the size of eggs around her neck and on her fingers. Tessa couldn’t help but stare as the man opened the ballroom door and allowed the woman to walk inside.

It gave Alex the advantage. He pulled Tessa in even closer, if that was possible. Her full skirts swirled around his legs, covering his feet and she braced herself, resting her hand against his hard chest, her fingers immediately curling into the soft, rich fabric of his jacket.

The man was gorgeous no matter what he wore. Tuxedo, suit, jeans…and she had a feeling he would be even more so in nothing at all.

“For one night I want you to pretend you belong to me, Tessa. No one else, just me.” He placed his hand on her cheek again, his fingers curving about her jaw, cradling her as if she were a delicate, fragile thing. “I don’t want you to look at another man, speak to another man unless I say or indicate that you can. You’re mine tonight.” The look in his gray-blue eyes was fierce, full of a fiery passion she’d never seen before.

She found she rather liked it.

“I can do that,” she whispered with a tiny nod, equally excited and perplexed by his request.

If she pondered it long enough, she could half believe him. That he wanted her, so badly he’d do anything to have her, if just for one night.