Worth the Challenge

Worth the Challenge

Together, they’re magic. Now to capture it in a bottle…

Worth It, Book 3

For once in his errant life, Rhett Worth is ready to prove to his older brothers he’s more than good looks and a woman-melting smile. Except he’s screwed up. And it’s about to hit the fan as he prepares to tell them he’s failed to deliver the master perfumer, Michel Durand, to create Worth Luxury’s signature scent.

Then salvation walks through the boardroom door, all wrapped up in a petite, seductive package.

Gabriella Durand is prepared to beg the Worths to give her capricious father another chance. Instead, she finds the devastatingly handsome Rhett Worth offering it to her as if he’d planned it all along. And Gabriella, hungry to emerge from her father’s shadow, jumps at it.

Soon they’re in Maui to hunt for the perfect scent…and find it in the tropical breeze that washes across their entwined bodies. Now the pressure is on to capture that passion in a bottle—before they let love complicate the delicate mix. Before a whiff of betrayal threatens to destroy everything.


“Miss Durand?”

The velvety deep voice had her whirling around, stopping short when she realized who stood directly in front of her.

Rhett Worth, in the flesh.

Oh, and what glorious flesh he was made of. Immaculately turned out in a charcoal-gray suit that emphasized the broadness of his shoulders, the width of his chest, his dark brown hair pushed off his forehead, he looked as if he had walked straight off the Worth Luxury billboard she’d seen in Times Square on her taxi ride over.

“I—I’m Gabriella Durand,” she stuttered, silently cursing herself. She couldn’t lose it now, not in front of this man. He held all the power to her future and he didn’t even know it.

He smiled, the sight of it making her knees wobble. “Rhett Worth. A pleasure to meet you,” he said, thrusting his hand toward her.

She took it, noticed how his large hand completely engulfed hers as he gave it a polite shake. The buzz from his touch was like an electric jolt to her system and she tilted her head, inhaling discreetly. Her head immediately swam.

Goodness, he smelled positively divine. A subtle mixture of ingredients, possibly leather, faint cologne, his own uniquely masculine scent…

Stay focused!

“It’s nice to meet you, too,” she murmured, gasping softly when he released his hold of her hand. “I’m sorry for dropping in so unexpectedly, it’s just that—”

“Your timing is perfect,” he interrupted, glancing about the lobby quickly before he faced her once more. “It couldn’t have been better, actually. Do you have time to talk? Now?”

She nodded, a little dazed at how easily it was all unfolding. “Yes, I do. That’s why I’m here.”

The smile grew even more dazzling, and her senses went on immediate overload. They’d only just met but he needed to stop being so…recklessly charming. “Perfect,” he repeated in a low murmur.

A shiver rippled down her spine. Amazing how he made the word sound downright sinful.

“There’s a small conference room down the hall.” He placed his hand at the small of her back, gently guiding her toward the doorway which led to the hall he spoke of. “Would you care for anything to drink?”

“No, thank you. I’m fine.” His good manners, combined with his extreme good looks, made for a heady package. His fingers seemed to burn through the fabric of her dress, even with such a light touch. She was hyper aware of his nearness, the heat of his skin, the size of him since he towered over her.

Ella frowned. She needed to get her head out of the clouds and focus on the most important meeting of her life. She needed to convince Rhett Worth she could take her father’s place and become the in-house perfumer for Worth Luxury.