Too Tempting

Too Tempting

Caroline hasn’t seen Kevin Travers since he left for college four years ago. The boy she knew is now a gorgeous, intense man—and starring in her erotic fantasies. When Kevin admits a longtime attraction, Caroline can’t understand his interest in a woman twelve years his senior. But that doesn’t stop her from enjoying all his body has to offer.

Kevin is home for a few months before relocating for a dream job. Too bad it’s not hisdream. No, his dreams involve something closer to home—and one of them is Caroline Howard. The sexy divorcée considers him a summer fling…which gives him three months to convince her he’s more than just the boy next door.


She sighed and leaned against the door. “I appreciate you doing all this work, Kevin, especially since it’s so hot outside.”

“Ah, it’s cool. I was gonna jump in the pool anyway when I go home.”

The pool. How could she forget her neighbors had a pool? She could spy on that pool perfectly from the window in her dining room. Wouldn’t it be great if Kevin skinny dipped at night? Maybe she could get a peek at his naked ass or even better, see exactly what he was packing.

God. She was thinking like a randy teenager! This man was her neighbor’s son, not some boy toy for her to fuck at her whim. Not like she ever did that sort of thing, but still. He wasn’t interested anyway. He couldn’t be.

“You want something to drink?” The words came out before she could stop them. Sighing again, she opened the door wider for him as he strode into her kitchen as if he belonged there.

“Yeah, that sounds great. A bottled water if you have it.”

“Coming right up.” Her voice came out a little squeaky and she hastily headed for the refrigerator, opening the door. Maybe standing in front of it would cool her overambitious libido.

She heard him approach and stop directly behind her and her knees went weak. “Ah, that feels good.”

Hell yes, it felt good! And he hadn’t even touched her.

Glancing over her shoulder, she realized he was talking about the cool air wafting from the refrigerator.

Of course.

Not like he’d be talking about her or anything.

Caroline grabbed a bottle of water and turned to hand it to him, her fingers brushing against his when he took it. A tingle of awareness shot up her arm at his touch and she swore he noticed it too. She noticed a flicker in his eyes, a telltale jerk of his body.

Maybe this did have possibilities…

No. No, it couldn’t.

“Thanks.” He twisted the lid and titled his head back, taking a long pull from the bottle. His Adam’s apple bobbed with every swallow and her mouth wet dry, panties went wet.

All from watching him drink.

“That hit the spot.” He wiped his mouth with the back of his free hand, inhaling deep. He smiled at her again, his eyes dropping from her face to the vicinity of her chest, lingering.

Glancing down, she noticed her hard nipples pointing through the thin fabric of her lacy bra and pale pink tank top. A very old tank top she usually only wore to sleep in, since the fabric was so thin.
Hell, if she’d been wearing the tank top and no bra like she usually did, he’d see the color of her nipples, the fabric was so transparent.

The idea aroused her beyond measure and she shifted from one foot to the other.

“Well…thanks, Caroline.” His eyes lifted, met hers once more and she felt pinned by his green gaze. Eyes she had noticed the first time she met him all those years ago, they were so beautiful. They were a man’s eyes now, more intelligent. More intense. Fringed with thick, dark lashes, the color almost unnatural, they watched her, assessed her.

She couldn’t move, could barely breathe. Still couldn’t get over the sexy way he said her name.