Strip Tease

Strip Tease

He can’t resist her…

Protect and Defend, Book 1.5

Covering yet again for her twin sister Ginger is the last thing Janelle wants to do. She’s trying to shed her former exotic dancer career, not maintain it. Discovering the guy she’s dancing for is an undercover cop on the hunt for her troubled sister scares her. This is the last thing she wants to deal with.

Nathan Banks is desperate to find Ginger for one reason only—he wants to nab her boyfriend, reputed drug lord and cold blooded murderer Billy Diaz. Hell bent on revenge after Diaz killed his partner, Nate doesn’t expect the beautiful blonde who tricked him to be much help. But he needs Janelle to find Ginger…

The smoldering attraction between them is undeniable. Fighting it is futile. As they go on the search for Ginger, they become closer to each other—and to danger.


All the breath whooshed out of her chest, lodging in her throat and she coughed, couldn’t stop staring. Eyes dark as rich chocolate with thickly veiled lashes watched her, his mouth tight, his clenched jaw shadowed with stubble. Black wavy hair, tanned skin stretched over high cheekbones that hinted at arrogance, and a firm jaw that reeked of stubbornness.

Her victim was seriously hot. Not what she had expected at all.

Heart pounding in her chest, pulse bouncing all over the place, she stood in front of him like a dumbstruck fool, the men jostling her from behind, making her stumble. Reaching out she braced her hand on the wall, regained her footing and he rolled his eyes.

Shame filled her at the way he looked at her. Shame and a healthy dose of anger.

Accompanied by the teeniest, tiniest flicker of arousal, which she promptly ignored.

“Give her twenty bucks and she’ll take her bra off!”

“Shut up.” She shot the screamer a withering stare.

“Really?” Nate-dawg drawled, causing her to meet his mocking gaze. “What do I get for forty bucks?”

“I won’t do anything for less than a hundred,” she said, lifting her chin.

Take that, jackass.

“Would it be worth it if I gave you a hundred bucks?” He cocked a brow.

“I’d blow your mind for two hundred,” she promised, resting her hands on her hips. The image of her slowly peeling off her shirt, unhooking her bra, all while the man watched with those sexy, dark eyes was very appealing.

Janelle’s nipples pebbled beneath the fabric of her bra and she swallowed. Oooh, boy.

This was totally unlike her. Never before had she become aroused by a client watching her. She could admit she’d occasionally become aroused when she stripped, but it was more about the exhilaration of taking her clothes off and performing for someone. The thrill of making a man weak, basking in her feminine power.

Certainly not because she was sexually attracted to him.

“Sounds promising, though I’m not quite sure you’re worth it.” He held her gaze for a long, heated moment before he let it drop to her breasts.

His blatant perusal made her want to strip just for him. It also made her want to run away. Temptation warred within her, the urge to stick her tongue out like a bratty little girl and stomp off to pout in the corner so strong, she had to reel it in.