Santa Baby

Santa Baby

Beverly’s looking for a little fun to chase away those working retail during the holidays blues. Going to a Ho Ho Hot Santa contest to drool over a bunch of handsome shirtless men sounds like the answer to her problems—at least temporarily.

Once she spots Jay the hottie, and the ultimate winner of the Hot Santa contest, she can’t believe this gorgeous man is interested in her. Her holiday is finally starting to look merry and bright…

The instant attraction and connection between them is undeniable. But he’s ten years younger than her, and the last thing Beverly wants is to be someone’s cougar girlfriend. Besides, this holiday fling couldn’t be serious…could it?

This novella was previously published and has been revised.


They were standing out on the deck after quickly changing their clothes. Jay flicked a switch and the tub lit up, the water starting to froth and bubble. She stared at it for a moment, the white bubbles multiplying, the sound of the water swishing in the tub. She glanced up to find Jay watching her, his green eyes intense, searching.

“Don’t tell me you’re having second thoughts.” He smiled and scratched his bare chest. Gooseflesh covered his skin, and she knew he was cold clad in only navy blue swim trunks.

Of course, so was she, standing in just an oversized T-shirt of Jay’s and her panties. The brisk December air whirled around them on a breeze, making the hot tub extremely inviting. She wished she was climbing into that tub wearing nothing at all, but it was too cold to even consider.

She could always take it off once she got in.

“Never,” she finally said, dipping her toes into the warm water and kicking it toward him.

Jay didn’t waste any time, stepping right into the tub and settling in. He sat in the far corner, his muscled arms spread wide along the rim of the tub, his head tipped back to stare at the stars twinkling in the sky. The frothy bubbles of water jumped in front of his chest, his golden skin glistening from the water, and her mouth dried at the sight.

He was a sexy, young hunk of man flesh, and she was an idiot for not joining him in that hot tub, pressing herself against him, and running her hands all over that smooth olive-colored skin.

Without hesitation, she climbed in, a little gasp escaping her at the sudden difference in temperature. The hot water surrounded her, cradled her in its swirling warmth, and she settled her back against the smooth surface of the tub, close but not too close to Jay.

Beverly decided it was good for the soul to be a bit of a tease.

“Feels good?”

His deep voice washed over her, making her smile. There were many ways she wanted him to make her feel good, but the hot tub would do for now. “Definitely. I could use one of these every night after being on my feet all day.”
“Stick with me and that could happen.” He winked at her.

Hmm, tempting but totally unbelievable. This was a one-night thing, no more, no less. A little Christmas present for herself. She assumed she needed to make that clear.

“Don’t you just want to have a little fun? One night and that’s it? That’s all I’m looking for.” Beverly stretched her leg out, brushing the tips of her toes against his knee. He shifted his knee away from her as sure fingers gripped around her ankle and pulled her across the bench seat closer to him.

“Absolutely.” He watched her with hooded eyes, his face damp from the misty water surrounding them. His expression was bone meltingly sexy.

“Then maybe you should quit talking and start doing something about it. You know, since we only have one night?” Her eyebrows rose, her words an unmistakable challenge. She wanted him to take her up on it. Quickly.

He caressed her ankle, his fingers sliding up over her calf, smoothing over her knee. She scooted closer, wanting more, her sex tingling with anticipation, her gaze riveted on his moving fingers.