End of Days Sold

I’m back from RT and I think I’ve finally caught up on sleep. Oh my gosh, I was so jet lagged and I didn’t fly, I drove! But what a great time I had. Met new and fantastic people, reunited with beloved friends and the readers…the readers! You are all so awesome. I can’t thank you enough for your support.

So I have a secret little project that will be making its appearance sometime in November at Samhain Publishing

It’s entitled Neon Chaos and it’s going to be included in the End of Days anthology along with Reaper by Mina Carter. Go us!

Here’s a quick little unedited blurb of Neon Chaos for your enjoyment:

Party girl Samantha Sanders is ready to celebrate her thirtieth birthday in style with a road trip to Las Vegas with her girlfriends. Staying in the swankiest hotel on the strip, she’s naked and in bed with a hot guy when the clock strikes twelve. Who knew the world would really end on December 21, 2012?

Russ Weaver is above all else a soldier. His newest mission? Protect the sweet, scared woman he just so happens to be with when the world as they know it is over. Wandering the virtually abandoned streets of Vegas, the city has turned into a war zone. Their only hope to get out alive is to stick together—and fight those who wish to cease their endeavors. Permanently.

I’m excited! I declare 2011 the year I really stretch my creative wings. I am taking chances left and right here. I can only hope y’all like what you read.