Temporary Arrangement

Samhain Publishing
June 4, 2013


Look, but don’t touch…

The Renaldis

Alone and broke, Paige Stewart can’t believe her good luck. Who hires a virtual stranger out of a New York City coffee shop to care for their adorable grandson? Apparently Claudia Renaldi does.

Widower Matteo Renaldi isn’t pleased that his mother found a replacement nanny so soon after he fired the last one. Yet little Matty takes to Paige like no other nanny before. And Matteo can’t deny he’s quite taken with her as well. She’s beautiful. Sweet. And far, far too young for him.

There’s something about the gorgeously sexy Matteo that fills Paige with longing to break through his wall of formality and touch his softer side. But no one knows better than she that crushing on her boss is one thing. Acting on those feelings is forbidden. Foolish.


Temporary Arrangement

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The scent of her was beyond description. Somewhere between heaven and bliss, Matteo tried his best to inhale her as he sat behind his desk. Paige Stewart sat in the chair opposite him, her hands curled around each other in her lap, her head slightly bent. Giving him the complete advantage to study her unabashedly.

Her hair captivated him. A deep rich auburn spun with gold, curling waves that fell far beyond her slender shoulders. Creamy pale skin, a button nose dotted with freckles and a lush, ripe mouth that was a deep shade of pink.

She lifted her head, her turbulent gaze meeting his. Blue and green swirled together, her eyes reminded him of the Mediterranean Sea. “What is it you wanted to ask me, Mr. Renaldi?”

He remained silent for a moment, resting his elbows on the desk and interlocking his fingers together. He didn’t want to frighten her. She already looked like a scared little rabbit. Nothing at all like the hatchet-faced, battle axe nanny they’d had last time. That woman hadn’t a kind bone in her body. The reasoning behind his easily given dismissal and her immediate bailout. They hadn’t seen eye-to-eye as to how Matty should be raised.

From what he’d observed at dinner, Paige was almost too kind. Smiling fondly at Matty, chatting pleasantly with his mother, sending him furtive looks that he’d noticed every single time. Though he feigned nonchalance, as if she didn’t matter, as if she were yet another nanny in their long string of nannies, he most definitely saw her.

She made an impression on him in a—sexual manner, which he found rather disturbing. His skin grew tight and hot with every stolen glance he caught, and his cock twitched in renewed interest. Mostly because of that damnable scent of hers. Floral with a dark, sensual note, it lingered in the air—he could smell her right now.

Jesus. He needed to get a grip.

“It sounds as if my mother hired you under rather unusual circumstances,” he started.

The worry in her gaze was unmistakable. “I know your mother most likely hired me too quickly for your tastes, sir, but I promise I won’t let you down. I already adore Matty.” The smile that flitted across her face was beautiful in its simplicity.

It panged at his heart, which was fucking ridiculous because she was the nanny, for God’s sake. “It appears to me that Matty adores you as well.”

“He’s very sweet.”

His son was a terror when he wanted to be. That he was so docile and well behaved in Paige’s presence spoke volumes. “He seems to have attached himself to you very quickly. And that’s why I’m inclined to let you stay.”

Her entire body sagged with relief. “Thank you. I promise I won’t disappoint you.”

He couldn’t imagine her disappointing him. No, the images drifting through his mind had her pleasing him quite efficiently.

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