My Favorite Mistake

My Favorite Mistake
Samhain Publishing
October 2010

Somebody’s sleeping in her bed…

Seroquel precio A Tahoe Nights story.
There’s only one way for busy PR executive Julie Lancaster to get her mother off her back—cave in and take a weekend break at the family cabin in Tahoe. After all, Mom won’t know she’s sneaking her laptop along to get a little work done.

follow Not only the cabin is a blast from the past, so is the occupant of her bedroom. Tyler Nichols, a guy she remembers as quiet and nerdy… nothing like the drop-dead-gorgeous hunk who knows how to fill out his underwear.

go here One look at all-grown-up Julie refuels Tyler’s memories of long, lazy summer vacations, and the crush he was too shy to admit. It would be gentlemanly of him to leave, but the amazing woman in front of him elicits visions of the wickedly lusty things he’d like to do with her.

grafici trading With work pushed to the back burner and a weekend indulging with Tyler on high simmer, Julie makes a startling discovery. Tyler is the real deal. And maybe, if he agrees, she might have time for a life after all…

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source site Emily at Sensual Reads Gave My Favorite Mistake Four Stars! "Karen Erickson brilliantly describes Tyler with hints of the inner self conscious teenager shining through at some terrific moments. A wonderful read to spend your afternoon with." You can read the rest of the review here.
click here Dottie at Romance Junkies Gave My Favorite Mistake Four Blue Ribbons! "A delightful way to spend an afternoon, this story is filled with well-drawn characters, believable dialogue, an entertaining plot and sizzling hot love scenes, making this story is a winner. I recommend MY FAVORITE MISTAKES to readers who love plenty of spice with their stories." You can read the rest of the review here.


piattaforma trading opzioni digitali Damn, she looked sexy. The sun warmed her skin, making it appear golden and creamy. She shifted her long, bare legs, the already-short shorts riding up her thighs and giving him a glimpse of pure heaven. Images of those shapely thighs wrapped around his waist as he pounded his cock deep inside her flashed through his mind, and he shifted. Afraid she might catch sight of his sudden erection.

opcje binarne szkolenia “I could sit out here all day,” she murmured, her voice so soft it almost got carried away with the breeze. “I can’t remember the last time I sat outside and just did…nothing. I don’t even have my Blackberry on me.”

hedging strategie binäre optionen “Is it normally attached permanently to your hand?” He could relate. He thought his iPhone was the greatest invention ever created. “Oh, yeah.” She laughed, then paused. A look of panic crossed her face. “Maybe I should go back and check it. People are always emailing me, texting me, whatever. Clients, employees, I’ve always told them I’m on call twenty-four/seven.”

follow link Julie started to get up but he grabbed her hand, stopping her. “Relax. They can wait for a few hours. Nothing could be that urgent, could it? Especially on a weekend.”

Her fingers flexed within his grip and she slowly sat back down next to him. “You’re right. I think I just urged myself right into a panic attack.”

“Over nothing,” he agreed. They still hadn’t let go of each other’s hand, and he gave hers a gentle squeeze. “Just enjoy the day. The lake is the fullest it’s been in years, you know.”

She nodded, wisps of fiery hair brushing against her face. “From all the rain and snow we had this winter, I’m sure.”

“Exactly. Imagine how cold that water is.” He leaned in close, his mouth hovering just by her ear. The delicate shell dotted by a single pearl earring tempted him. To kiss, to nibble, to lick. “What do you think you’d do if I pushed you in?”

Julie turned toward him, eyes wide with surprise. “You wouldn’t dare.”

With a chuckle, Tyler shook his head. “Nah, I wouldn’t. I’m afraid of what you might do to me if I did.”

She laughed as well and released his hand, nudging his shoulder with the tips of her fingers. “You’d probably like to see me come out of the water all wet like a drowned rat.”

All wet…wrong choice of words on her part. He immediately thought of her T-shirt clinging to her like a second skin, hard nipples poking against the soaked fabric, goose bumps dotting her flesh as the water dripped down her body.

Yeah, his dick was really getting eager now.

“You’d be in a lot of trouble,” she agreed, the laughter dying on her lips as her gaze zeroed in on his mouth.

He was leaning in closer, as if he wanted to kiss her. Which he did. The past years of longing, the more recent years of curiosity, all of them came crashing down upon him at this very moment, and he decided he didn’t want to wait any longer.

Tentatively, he set his lips upon hers, not wanting to push for fear she might not react the way he hoped. But she didn’t pull away. She scooted closer, her lips parting from his for the briefest moment before she returned. Soft and plump, damp and clinging to his, she kissed him, her mouth opening for his more and more until he teased her with his tongue.

A little groan escaped her, and he slipped his arm around her shoulders, hauling her to him. They sat on the edge of the dock, their legs swinging over the ledge, lips locked and arms around each other. Just as he’d envisioned so long ago in his teenage dreams.

He wasn’t one to be sentimental but this was getting to him. Their tongues touched, danced against each other and he slipped a hand into her hair to anchor her close. The strands were silky soft, clinging to his fingers and he stroked her, reveled in the softness. The beauty of her.

Julie broke the kiss first, her breath accelerated, her eyes bright with what he hoped was lust. “Wow,” she whispered.


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