Melt With You

Melt With You
Samhain Publishing
October 2011
Series: Fated, Book 4 Dragging a man into a supply closet at work so she can maul him—that’s so not Lanie’s style. But there’s something about Wes, the sexy paramedic with the bad reputation, that she can’t resist. After a terrible breakup, a move and a job change, Lanie’s ready to indulge in some new and exciting adventures. But Wes wants more… come fare soldi con le operazioni binarie From the moment he meets Lanie under um, stressful circumstances, Wes is a goner. Yeah, he has a reputation around the hospital as a serial dater but lately he’s thought about settling down. And he believes the petite nurse with the curvy body might be the one. Too bad she only wants a quick affair.

follow url Lanie can’t deny the chemistry between them is strong but will she take a chance on fate? Or will she let Wes go?

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buy tastylia \(tadalafil\ She headed toward him, a defiant lift to her chin and a sexy glimmer in her eyes that had his entire body stiffening with need, particularly below the belt. He’d been perfectly happy enjoying the Monday night football game, drinking a couple of beers and munching on appetizers, talking stats and which teams had the potential to go into the playoffs. Evan was there, too, making a rare appearance since the dude was all about spending time with his woman lately. Wes was starting to get it—sort of. Ever since that moment in the closet, she was all he could think about. The soft, sweet taste of her, the dip of her waist, the way she pressed against him in the dark, tiny closet, the sexy little sounds she made…

enter site He’d walked away from her like a damn fool. But all that talk about bad boys and wanting had rubbed him wrong. Was that what he was reduced to amongst his coworkers? Just some idiot who’ll fuck anything with tits, even in a supply closet at the goddamn hospital?

click That’s why he’d walked away. Oh, he was a sensitive little pansy and he wanted to kick his own ass for even thinking like this but he’d had his precious little feelers hurt.

enter That night, lying in his cold, empty bed, thinking of the warm, willing woman he could’ve had in it, left him filled with regret.

see He’d avoided her at work, not that it had been hard—he’d been so busy. No way could he avoid her, not with her coming right at him, her stride determined, her pale blue eyes full of fire. He disentangled himself from the group, needing a little distance.

click “Hi.” She stopped in front of him and rested her hands on her hips.

source Hips he wanted to grip and yank her body against his…

“Hey.” Fuck it all. He had no idea what to say next. He was an idiot.

“Funny running into you here.” She smiled and flicked her hair over her shoulder, thrusting her chest out toward him. Quintessential flirtatious behavior and he reacted like the dog he was, his gaze dropping to her breasts. From what he could tell she had a spectacular rack.

Not that he cared only for her rack, oh no. She was sassy. She was smart. She was calm under pressure, and she tasted sweeter than any dessert he’d ever indulged in.

“I was thinking the same thing,” he finally said, his gaze lifting to meet hers once more.

She smiled, amusement dancing in her eyes. She knew what sort of effect she had on him. God, he loved a confident woman. “Enjoying the football game?”

“Honestly? It’s kind of boring.” He was a liar. The game had been intense. They were at the start of the third quarter and it was tied up.

“Really?” She smirked. “Maybe we could hang out then. Kill a little time.”

Kill a little time? He’d never been propositioned with that line before. “Works for me.”

God he was easy.

“Let’s go.” She flicked a finger toward the door, and he followed.

Like an obedient little puppy.

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